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CHRISTINE GARWOOD B.A.(hons.) Fine Art / Textiles, Goldsmith's College of Art, University of London;                                  .

A.T.C. Art Teacher's Certificate, University of Sussex.

 Christine Garwood.Artist



Using a variety of materials including graphite, charcoal, oil pastel, pen & ink, acrylic, oil and watercolour - as well as recently exploring the use of digital media - some works are purely one medium whilst others are mixed media. I paint on various materials to create layers of interesting colour and texture. Interpretations of my ideas are either detailed and realistic or free semi - abstract paintings depending on the subject matter.

Ideas are often inspired by natural forms seen in both landscapes and seascapes.             

Through a fascination with colour and an enduring love of texture, I often add an extra ''dimension'' to my paintings by using ''free'' machine stitching to create another layer of interest  that cannot be conveyed by painting alone. It is like ''painting with thread'' or ''drawing with a needle'' and I work on both fabric and paper utilising various textile techniques.

Landscapes, particularly with a foreground silhouette are actual, re-created and abstracted. I explore this segmentation of landscapes as seen through grid patterns (windows) of plant growth as well as man-made divisions – residues of man’s construction of boundaries like fences and gates. These form a framework to view world beyond.                                                     

Images explore shapes of functional as well as discarded materials.

In corrosion, weathering and natural forms, there is a beauty of subtle changing colours and patterns. I am interested looking beyond the material boundaries of the world as we see it now.  These more recent paintings are more experimental and about coastlines where imagination and a more abstract ''seeing'' process goes beyond the physical and represents my love of  Wales.

''Cri- dy- tir'' - ''The cry of the land'' evokes a sence of belonging to the mysteries of the  past, the struggles of the people and the need for the preservation of ''Cymraeg'' and the spiritual heritage of this land. I am interested in the physical boundaries of the world as we see it now, linked to themes like creation and eternity and my ''vision'' of the spiritual realm - creating endless exciting possibilities of colour and form. Forms have boundaries, limits, but colour has a more etherial quality which endures beyond the actual images.                                                                                                                                                  ©. C.Garwood. 2017.

With more than 30 years experience in the art world as a freelance Professional Artist and Art Tutor, Christine continues to pass on her skills in a variety of art disciplines to many students in North Wales where she has lived since 1989.

Her work has been exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions and is in many private and public collections worldwide e.g. The Otter Gallery Collection, University of Chichester; Capital Bank; Minchinhampton Baptist Church; The Grosvenor Museum Contemporary Collection, Chester.

Artwork in publications include:'Textile Crafts' by Constance Howard (Pitman) 'Printing and Embroidery' by Mary Newland and Carol Walkin (Batsford); 'Embroidery', 'Craft', 'Art of England' and 'Coast and Country' magazines. In 2009 artwork has been used as front covers on 'Roots' publication and on 'Natur Cymru' magazine.

Previously based at The Old Bank Gallery in Rhos-on-Sea, Conwy, Christine and her husband Peter then moved their gallery to larger premises at  the historic Tabernacle Chapel in Llandudno, North Wales, where she ran workshops. Now based on Anglesey, classes are still available in Christine's Studio. These include drawing techniques, watercolour and acrylic painting, mixed media, silk painting and 'freestyle' machine embroidery techniques which she has developed.